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South Broadway Christian Church is a transitional congregation living into its future vision.


Our congregation wrote this 'Future Story' in May of 2014, and we are using it as a guide to adapt our ministry and call a new pastor. We hope that it inspires you to find hope as we live into the mission and transition ahead. 


South Broadway Christian Church - January 2019


Is it possible that a place exists where respect, love, and acceptance thrive? Where differences are appreciated and passion for common principles unites? At South Broadway Christian Church, people ask questions as a part of spiritual growth with openness to being challenged. People seek to intentionally and authentically follow the way of Jesus. The congregation continually seeks to better understand what it looks like to live into the call to 'love God, and love our neighbors as ourselves'.


Still in its original location at Lincoln and Ellsworth, the church finds itself nestled in the heart of a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood. Just as the city and community have evolved over the years, so has the church. Old stained glass still filters the fresh morning sun. The hybrid organ invites the reverence of a new generation. Interactions between people spanning nine decades create opportunities not just for interesting conversation but for surprising insights.


Worship is alive, authentic and varied.  The music ranges from sacred classical to current secular songs that suddenly seem a bit spiritual.  Food for thought is found in progressive sermons, illuminating bible studies, evening worship around a campfire, and occasional public theology sessions held in unique locations such as taverns. In worship, people from all walks of life are invited to participate in the ancient and sustaining practice of communion, which they understand to be a symbol of God's unconditional love and grace.  A distinctive multi-generational energy fills the church as people of all ages and stages of life gather to grow and explore spiritually. Children are fully integrated into the community as they form meaningful relationships with one another, and have opportunities for transformative service locally and internationally. Our vibrant, relevant youth programs engage and integrate youth into all details of church life. Through our mentor program, youth and older adults gain equally from their relationships.


At South Broadway, outreach is a matter of compassion for, and responsibility to, all of humanity and creation. We partner with global and local partners to have a greater reach. We serve through local projects such as providing coats and books for children at a local elementary school, and through partnering with metro area churches to house women who are homeless. Our regional and global partnerships allow us to respond to those impacted by disaster, and to be a critical presence in places of despair. Through serving, those who give as well as those who receive, are transformed. 


Known for its radical hospitality and inclusiveness, the church takes a grace-centered approach to life. Believing that each individual is on a unique spiritual journey, we provide a warm, welcoming place for all to seek meaning, growth, and love. Through their collective pursuit of loving mercy, seeking justice, and walking humbly together, the church has become an incubator for growing love and compassion that will be taken out into the community and beyond.  


(Future story as submitted by the South Broadway team 5/2014)

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