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Sunday morning is a special time at South Broadway Christian Church.  Our Communion during worship is by attendees coming down to the front of the sanctuary and partaking of the bread and cup. We also ask that at this time you bring your offering and place in trays down front along with the green attendance slip.  

10:00 am| Church Service    

Our worship service is both traditional and relevant. A typical church service will include singing, praying, communion, a children's moment, and a sermon.  All are in invited to participate in the service as you feel comfortable, and all are welcomed to share in communion - our table is open for all, no matter your faith background. Children up to the 2nd grade are able to attend a separate, age-appropriate children's church after the children's moment.  Parents can always count on having a professional staffed nursery available for their infants and toddlers up to age four.  All of our professionals have been background checked.   


Children Worship and Wonder (during Worship in the Balcony House)


An exciting way of approaching faith formation with children is the best way to describe Children Worship & Wonder. In Children Worship & Wonder children have the opportunity to hear Bible stories and form responses out of their own life experiences. They learn the meaning of church traditions and participate in worship practices.  

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