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Our Vision Statement: To be the hands and feet of God in the heart of our community and throughout the World.

Our Mission Statement for Church Year 2018:  We will engage in

-Radical Hospitality, welcoming all without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, income or other labels that would divide us.

-Total Authenticity, making us a place of healing and growth that allows everyone to be who they are to ask the truest questions of our hearts.

-True Diversity, declaring that we are a congregation that is Open and Affirming and that values each other in covenantal relationship, and 

-Condition Free Community, creating a bigger table that shares in joyful celebration with our neighbors and offers refuge to the physically weary and spiritually hungry.

Our Values Statement: We are a faith community that values

-being loving and inclusive, and embracing diversity.

-practicing honest communication that treats each other with respect and dignity,

-being humble yet courageous and bold, showing empathy and encouragement as we strive to move in directions to grow spiritually in love and 

-aspiring to be a sanctuary that offers spiritual and physical rest and nourishment, a place to worship, pray and find refuge. 

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