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The 7/20 Memorial Foundation, which was created after the Aurora movie theater shooting on July 20, 2012, has started the "paper crane project" - taking paper crane donations with thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement written on them. They then craft then into wreaths that get sent out to communities impacted by similar tragedies.   They are currently collecting paper cranes for UNLV, Charles University in Prague and Perry High School in Iowa.

We will begin a service project of making cranes on February 18, 2024. Each wreath needs 150-200 cranes.  Our hope is to make enough for 7 wreaths by Easter.  Supplies will be in our Great Hall until Easter so you may make them each week.

From the 7/20 website: "We know first-hand the impact that banners and words of encouragement sent to us on 2012 had on us. In the  past, we have sent banners with signatures from our community to others affected by the all too familiar mass tragedies that have taken place. Rather than sending banners, we will be sending wreaths made of origami cranes folded with good intentions and containing=words of peace and love.  Love is ever lasting and ever abundant, so though some  paper cranes may need to be used for wreaths, our goal is to continue to fold and collect origami cranes indefinitely to be a visual display of the amount of never-ending love and compassion that is abundant in this world." 

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